House of Ascania

Adalbert von Ballenstedt, Vogt von Hagenrode und Nienburg; m. Hidda (dau.of Mkgf Hodo von der Nordmark, Gf im Nordthüringen); They had issue: NOTE: House of Ascania (the Latin form of the castle of Aschersleben), is descended from one Gf Adalbert von Ballenstedt. The family acquired the county of Ascania ca 1100. In 1180 Gf Bernhard of Ascania and Anhalt obtained the title of Duke of Saxony with the territories of Lauenburg and Wittenberg. Albrecht the Bear became Margrave of Brandenburg ca 1134, and his descendants ruled Brandenburg until the 14th century. The only extant lines today are those of the Princes of Anhalt and the Grafen von Westarp.
Rulers of
Brandenburg, Rhine Palatinate and Saxony
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