• Paul Theroff's Royal Genealogy Site by Paul Theroff
  • Joan's Royal Favourites and Links
  • European Royalty and Nobility by Brigitte Gastel Lloyd
  • Hein's Royal Genealogy Page
  • Henri van Oene's Royal Genealogies Page by Henri van Oene
  • Verena's Royal Genealogical Homepage by Verena
  • French royal genealogy by François Velde
  • Génealogies Royales
  • Netty's Royalty Page by Netty Leistra
  • Regnal chronologies by Obsidian
  • World Statesmen
  • Cronologías Reales Del Mundo
  • The Salm family history by Hans Weebers
  • European Royalty during World War II by Glenn A. Steinberg
  • Czech genealogy by Arnost Drozd
  • Great families (B.E.H.G.N.A.M.) AND
  • Genealogical trees of the most important families of the European nobleness (B.E.H.G.N.A.M.)
  • Genealogy database by Daniel de Rauglaudre
  • Genealogy database by Brian Tompsett
  • Genealogy database by H.Stoyan
  • Heinz Wember Genealogie by Heinz Wember
  • Royals by NN
  • Genealogies of Bohemian and British royal families (in Czech) by Nela Trachtova
  • RoyaList database by Alistair Grieve
  • Genealogy in Portugal
  • Stirnet Genealogy (with families database) by Peter Barns-Graham
  • GENEALOGIE DELLE DINASTIE ITALIANE by Davide Shamà and Andrea Dominici Battelli
  • Genealogie rodów Polsko-Litewsko-Ruskich by Mariusz
  • The Imperial House of Mexico
  • Genealogy and Heraldry by John Cilia La Corte
    Other links page on the Web
  • Genealogie und Heraldik links on Heidelberg University
    My collection of links on some families
  • Chabot family
  • Nassau family
  • Piast family
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