The main reason why did I try to connect the family trees was my own curiosity how will all those connections look like, how to display these connections between two persons from two different families. Use hypertext link is the best way how to do it - you need only one click to go from one person to another.

When I finished a few family trees with some connections I decided to show all this also to another people - the best way how to do it is to create a Web pages.

My project is not determined only for profesional genealogists (who know everything about everything). If you browse free through my pages and it is easy to find an ancestors or surprising connections of some person, it is the best way to use them.

In my pages I use Englich, French, German and Italian languages - in noble titles and place names (see abbreviations), I try to use English in common known town and country names - Vienna, The Hague, but it is possible you find also the names Wien, Haag or so.

If you find any mistake or you have some missing data in my project, please, let me know. If you have any family tree, which I could add and connect to my project, you can send it to me in text format. It is the best way how to make things better.

Miroslav Marek
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Author: Miroslav MAREK (miramarek@centrum.cz)
Last updated: 21st May 2003

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