Ct Ramon Berenguer IV "the Saint" of Barcelona (1131-62), Cerdagne, Besalu, Girona and Osona, *1113, +1162; m.11.8.1137 Queen Petronilla I of Aragon (*1135 +17.10.1174) had issue: (NOTE) Note: The crowns of the Kingdom of Aragon and the County of Barcelona (along with the rest of Catalonia) were henceforth united, and the senior member was known by the grander title of King of Aragon, Catalonia always remained semi-independent of Aragon. The King was always known as Count of Barcelona in Catalonia; The Catalans supplied most of the wealth of the kingdom, and were mostly responsible for the kingdom's expansion throughout the Mediterranean.
Rulers of
Aragon, Barcelona, Provence and Sicily
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